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Horse Boarding Prices & Services

Laz-E-Acres provides the most comprehensive care in Horse Boarding services in Littleton, CO and the surrounding areas. Laz-e-Acres is a boarding facility situated on 13 acres. We offer several different types of housing to fit the needs of you and your horse.

Laz-E-Acres is a horse-boarding facility located just 13 miles from downtown Denver and 9 miles from Chatfield State Park. Located on 13 peaceful acres, Laz-E-Acres offers a variety of riding experiences - from beginners to competitors - in a casual, friendly environment. Our experienced and knowledgeable managerial staff can assist you with all of your equine needs. Give us a call at 720-238-2346 and come on out for a visit.

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Littleton Horse Boarding provides the best options for all your Horse Boarding Needs:


  • 12x12 stalls with runs ($350 per month)
  • 14x14 Indoor stalls with lights ($350 per month)
  • Multiple 2 Acre pastures ($260 per month)
  • Two large turn out pastures (Free with board)
  • Locked tack rooms wth plenty of space (Free with board)
  • Trailer Parking (Free with board)
  • Free shavings provided (Free with board)
  • Large indoor and outdoor arena


  • Both options include twice-daily feeding of alfalfa or grass hay, as required by your horse. Grain or specialty feeds must be provided by owner, but will be fed to stalled horses or those in select pastures. Owners selecting stalls with runs have the option of cleaning the stall themselves or having stall cleaning provided for an additional fee. There are no surcharges for bringing in an outside trainer for lessons, and our on-site trainers negotiate their own rates.

You can completely trust Laz-E-Acres with your horses well being. We provide affordable boarding and services. Call us now for more information. What other horse boarding facility offers better prices with exceptional care in Littleton, CO than Laz-E-Acres.

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